People We have Helped

Case Summary One

We were approached for a second opinion by Mr B, who was concerned that his previous solicitors hadn’t given the proper care and attention to his work related hearing loss case. His case was dropped by the solicitors after they failed to file his witness statement to the court. He desperately needed a second opinion, and so he came to us to pursue a claim against his former solicitors. They admitted responsibility for costing him the case through their carelessness, and settled swiftly for a full payment of damages and legal costs.

Under court rules, evidence needs to be submitted under tight deadlines, failing to do this can put an end to the case. Here, Mr B’s solicitors failed to file his witness statement in time, and it was later decided that any of the evidence from it could not be used in court, and the case had to be dropped. These sound harsh, but the rules are in place to make sure the court process runs smoothly, and solicitors are well aware of these rules and the consequences for their client if they break them.

Case Summary Two

An elderly man developed a lung condition after working with precious metals throughout his life, and unfortunately died because of the complications of the condition. His family came to us for a second opinion as they were unhappy about the way the case had been dealt with by his solicitors. They had failed to get a signed statement from him, which should have demonstrated his employment in full and his exposure. They also failed to ensure that an inquest was carried out and didn’t speak to an appropriate expert witness. The deceased had lost a valuable chance to pursue his claim, and his Solicitors had not taken proper steps to secure the best evidence available to support his claim for damages.

Case Summary Three

A boy under 18 was involved in a road accident and he was not able to continue with his studies at school in full. He took a considerable amount of time off school and medical evidence suggested that his employment prospects had been affected too. The first solicitors made a claim against the driver and they failed to serve details of the boy’s losses, used to calculate the value of the claim. This resulted in his claim being significantly undervalued. His family came to us for a second opinion.