Has Your Lawyer Let You Down?

Have you found yourself asking yourself anything like this:

  • Did I get proper advice?
  • Was everything properly explained to me?
  • Did my lawyer miss time limits?
  • My claim has been struck out, what can I do?
  • What paperwork did I sign?
  • Do I have a contract with my lawyer?
  • Was my Lawyer a Solicitor?
  • Are there any unexpected deductions from my compensation?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, that sometimes people will let you down, whether professional or not.  Whilst you should expect quality legal advice and good service, it is simply not always true.

Professional Negligence claims have been around for as long as professional people have acted on behalf of others because like everyone else, mistakes happen.  More and more people are now asking for their claims to be reviewed, raising complaints with their lawyers and obtaining compensation for professional negligence.

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident inevitably this means that you have been disadvantaged, and in all probability, you will have lost money or incurred expenses because of the accident.

If that injury was as a result of someone else’s fault, then you are entitled to claim money for your injuries and loss.

If your lawyer has failed to advise you properly or pressurised you into accepting a lower amount than you had expected then you should consider getting your claim reviewed, free of charge.

Maybe they failed to include all your expenses such as past and future loss of earnings, travel expenses, medication costs including treatment, costs of care including care received from friends and family or missed dates such as limitation or other dates imposed by the Court, exposed you to payment of legal fees or made deductions from your damages that you have not been told about.

All of theses are possible reasons for you to bring a claim for professional negligence against your lawyer.

We will review your claim free of charge.

Does your claim deserve a rethink? Contact us now for a free second opinion